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The Filipino Trump
28. October 2016|Blog, CEIAS Insights | 6 Min Read

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte was a dark horse when he entered the presidential race a year ago. The powerful narrative of establishing order in the southern city […]

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The crucifixion in the Philippines – when God and Money go well together
12. April 2016|CEIAS Insights | 4 Min Read

The Philippines are the only predominantly Christian nation in Southeast Asia and each year on Good Friday attract thousands of tourists to witness the tradition of the passion of Christ […]

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Finally better times for dogs in China ?
14. April 2015|Blog, CEIAS Insights | 5 Min Read

Chinese habits are different in many ways from those European. One of them is the still present and popular habit of eating dog meat. Dog meat festivals have been organized […]

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