Panorama of Global Security Environment: 2017-2018

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IAS analysts authored two chapters in the 2017-2018 edition of the Panorama of Global Security Environment published by STRATPOL.

Panorama is one of the most authoritative publications in Central Europe on international relations and security on a global scale. The contributions published in Panorama are peer-reviewed and listed in the Thompson Reuters Science Citation Index.

Chapters by IAS analysts:

Matej Šimalčík: ‚Stories about Middle Kingdom: Case Study of the Slovak Perception of China and Its Implications for the Security Policy‘, pp. 343-360.

Richard Q. Turcsányi, Kristína Kironská and Matej Šimalčík : ‚Security Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative for Slovakia‘, pp. 373-388.

The whole book can be accessed here.