Czeslaw Tubilewicz

Research Fellow

Czes Tubilewicz is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Politics and International Relations, the University of Adelaide, Australia. He authored Taiwan and the Soviet Bloc, 1949-1991 (2005), Taiwan and Post-communist Europe (2007), Chinese Constructions of Sovereignty and the East China Sea Conflict (2020); and co-authored (with Natalie Omond) The United States’ Subnational Relations with Divided China (2021). He edited Critical Issues in Contemporary China (2006, 2017) and co-edited (with Andrew Rosser) Domestic Politics of Aid in Pacific Asia (2016). He also published in such journals as the Australian Journal of International Affairs, Contemporary Politics, The China Quarterly, Europe-Asia Studies, Foreign Policy Analysis, Pacific Affairs, The Pacific Review and Russian Review. Research interests: Taiwan's foreign relations, China's foreign relations, cross-Taiwan Strait relations, paradiplomacy, constructivism


Written Articles


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