Werner Fasslabend

Advisory Board member

Graduated at the University of Vienna with the doctors' degree of law and worked one year in a ‎court practice. Werner was elected as Representative to the Lower House (Member of ‎Parliament) between 1987 and 2006. From February 2000 until December 2002, he was the 3rd ‎president of the Austrian parliament. From December 1990 until February 2000 he was Federal ‎Minister of Defence. During his tenure he executed a far-reaching reform program in the Ministry, ‎adapted the organization of the armed forces to the new threat scenario and modernized Austria's ‎armament. ‎ He also strongly supported Austria's active participation in the EU as well as in the NATO PfP ‎and initiated and organized the first meeting of EU-Ministers of Defence in 1998. Furthermore, he ‎founded the Central European Cooperation in Peacekeeping (CENCOOP) in 1997.‎ Currently, he is president of the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES), head ‎of the Academic Council of Wilfred Martens Center for European Studies in Brussels, president of ‎Universitätszentrum Wien and president of the Austrian-Slovak and the Austrian-Iranian ‎Societies.‎



Murgašova 3131/2
81104 Bratislava

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