Call for articles: Insights into Europe-Taiwan relations

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In April 2022, CEIAS launched the Center for CEE-Taiwan Relations, a research venture that aims to provide a rigorous analysis of the current relations between Taiwan and various European countries, especially those from the CEE region.

A necessary next step in this endeavor is to foster an environment in which a topical, fact-driven, and inquiring discussion about Europe-Taiwan relations thrives. To this end, CEIAS Center for CEE-Taiwan Relations will be providing opportunities to scholars and practitioners to publish short policy-oriented analyses as part of the ongoing CEIAS Insights article series.

If you are interested in publishing your articles with us, please, email your articles or short pitches to

We are looking mainly for articles that deal with the following topics (other topics are welcome, though):

  • Evaluation of current CEE/EU-Taiwan relations (economic, political, security, etc.)
  • Potential for future development of CEE/EU-Taiwan relations
  • Perception of Taiwan in CEE/EU and vice versa (public opinion, media discourse, etc.)
  • Policy and political discussions about Taiwan in CEE/EU
  • Invasion of Ukraine – implications for Taiwan
  • CEE/EU balancing of Taiwan and China relations
  • Tools of Taiwanese foreign policy in CEE/EU

Contributions should comply with the following standards:

  • Scope: 2-5 pages
  • Citation: hyperlink to the source material
  • Style: Please follow the CEIAS Style Guide

Authors of published articles will be paid an honorarium of EUR 100.00 per article.

CEIAS reserves the right to reject publishing of any contribution at any stage of the publishing process.