COVID-19 and Europe-China Relations

COVID-19 and Europe-China Relations

This ETNC special report seeks to identify and underline key developments in bilateral relations between China and a wide range of European countries, and to highlight debates that these relations inspire across Europe within the context of the evolving health crisis. It is a collection of independent analyses from 19 countries meant to compare notes on country-level experiences.

The goal here is not to be exhaustive or definitive – indeed, the crisis is still unfolding across much of Europe and the globe, and the potential for change is still great. Rather, this report offers a marker in time and a window into some of the issues that will become increasingly important in Europe-China relationships in light of Covid-19.

The report was produced under the framework of the European Think-Tank Network on China (ETNC), a consortium of 21 EU-based think-tanks of which CEAIS is a member.

Covid-19 and Europe-China Relations
A country-level analysis


Matej Šimalčík
Matej Šimalčík

Executive Director

Richard Turcsányi
Richard Turcsányi

Program Director

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