Slovak-Taiwan 1.5 Track Dialogue (event summary & recommendations)


Mar 19, 2021 in CEIAS Papers

Slovak-Taiwan 1.5 Track Dialogue (event summary & recommendations)

In January 2021, the Central European Institute of Asian Studies (CEIAS) and Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA) organized the historically first meeting of the Slovak-Taiwan 1.5 Track Dialogue, a meeting of policymakers and non-government experts to discuss current pressing issues and solutions to them, as well as possibilities of mutual cooperation on these topics.

The discussion focused on two topics – disruption and resilience of global supply chains and spread of disinformation and other hybrid threats.

The following text is a summary of the discussion as understood by CEIAS and SFPA. All information is presented here without attribution to any specific person, organization, or government agency.

Slovak-Taiwan 1.5 Track Dialogue
Summary & Recommendations


Key Topics

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