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Chinese Netizens Greet the New Emperor
1. March 2018|Blog, CEIAS Insights | 7 Min Read

Even the mighty Chinese internet censorship apparatus is not all-powerful, so one could still get a picture of the Chinese netizens’ uncensored reactions. These reveal shock, disappointment, outright opposition, humorous […]

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China in the Middle East: A ‘Quiet Strategy’ of Balancing
24. February 2018|Blog, CEIAS Insights | 7 Min Read

If China were to become a new active leader in the Middle East it would have to be willing to, first, bear the costs, and, second, adopt a more complex […]

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Veľké pekinské upratovanie
17. January 2018|Blog, CEIAS Insights | 4 Min Read

Čínske hlavné mesto sa chce stať čistou, modernou metropolou. Za obeť majú padnúť migranti z chudobných provincií. Požiar budovy v pekinskej mestskej časti Daxing z 18. novembra si vyžiadal až devätnásť mŕtvych. […]

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