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China in Slovakia: Are we ready for the future?
1. June 2018|Research Papers | 5 Min Read

You can read the full paper (in Slovak) here. Policy paper by Richard Q. Turcsányi and Matej Šimalčík deals with Sino-Slovak relations, and explores Chinese activities in Slovakia with qualitative […]

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Slovak Policy towards China in the Age of Belt and Road Initiative and 16+1 Format
11. December 2017|Research Papers | 2 Min Read

The working paper by Kristína Kironská and Richard Q. Turcsányi published by China-CEE Institute looks into Slovak policy towards China in the context of Belt and Road Initiative and 16+1 […]

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Assessing the Power of China: Insights from the Conceptual Thinking about Power
27. June 2017|Research Papers | 2 Min Read

The paper seeks to enrich the discussion of China’s power by critically engaging with existing literature on the topic, presenting a conceptual analysis of power, and suggesting a framework for […]

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Central European attitudes towards Chinese energy investments: The cases of Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic
1. February 2017|Research Papers | 2 Min Read

This article by Richard Q. Turcsányi builds on Europe-wide knowledge of EU-China energy investment relations and discusses the cases of three Central European countries’ attitudes towards Chinese energy investments. It […]

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Ballistic Missile Defense and its Effect on Sino-Japanese Relations: A New Arms Race?
20. December 2016|Research Papers | 1 Min Read

The present article by Matej Šimalčík discusses the implications of ballistic missile defense systems for the stability and security of the Northeast Asian region. The paper aims to find out […]

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